Cochlear Implant – MAA ENT Hospitals

A success story of 500+ cochlear implants at MAA ENT hospitals using Veria Technique.

MAA ENT Hospitals has performed 500 implants till now with “ Zero “ Infection & “ Zero “ hard and soft failures. We follow the veria technique and the program was started in 2003 under the mentorship of the originator of this technique, Dr Tiffon Kiratzidis. Veria Technique is transcanal surgery without jeoparadising the anatomy and function of middle ear, mastoid cellular system and its functional mucosa.Cochlear implant is recommended for the individuals who have bilateral hearing loss of severe to profound degree (in case of children, profound hearing loss strictly) and are showng limited benefits with hearing aids. Cochlear implantation can be done in individuals of any age irrespective of hearing loss onset being pre- or post language development. The youngest child who had received cochlear implant at MAA ENT Hospitals was of age 8 months. Cochlear implant candidacy at MAA ENT Hospitals is established based on standard medical, audiological, speech, language and psychological evaluations.


Since 5 years, cochlear implant is switched on at that time of surgery at MAA ENT Hospitals. This is done to avoid the information of fibrous tissues around the electrodes; our preliminary research analysis have shown that this helps in keeping the impedance of the electrodes low and electrodes shows less fluctuation in terms of impedance in the long run. Patient is discharged on 5th day of the surgery and sutures are removed on a follow up visit after 10 days. It is of utmost importance that sound stimulation is given to the patient 24*7 for continuous processing of sound across the auditory nervous system. First map is done on the 15th day of the surgery and auditory verbal therapy starts soon after. During the first year of implantation patients/caretaker are advised to come for follow up map after every 3 month and in the following years annually. Auditory verbal therapies are given by trained speech and hearing professionals. In Lieu to adopting best recording keeping practices and to ensure maximum implant benefits, lesson plans of auditory verbal therapies and progress reports of each cochlear implants is updated on a monthly basis.


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