Extent Of hearing loss problems in India?

Hearing loss in indiaHearing loss affects a high percentage of society. It may be due to diseases effecting middle ear or inner ear, may be congenital, age related or due to noise exposure. Various social and economic losses incurred by such individuals, laws and programs to help such persons are made from time to time.

Factors of hearing problems

In recent times experts feel that in India urbanization has increased rapidly and with it the traffic. This has meant the unnecessary blowing of horns on the roads. Apart from this musics are played in loudspeakers during celebrations and festivals. The processions on the streets have a damaging effect on one’s hearing. Be it Diwali or Durga Puja or marriage or winning a match, bursting of firecrackers has become a norm now. With all these happening, hearing problems among the young generations of India is growing day by day.

Apart from this there is also professional vulnerability too. People working at certain professions like textile industries, printing press, mining, building activities, music industry etc are more vulnerable to such hearing loss than others. Lack of awareness about hearing loss and no hearing protection makes them even more susceptible to the problem.

What is even worse is that doctors are detecting hearing problems in patients who are in between 6 and 19 years of age. Much of this has to do with their lifestyle they lead. Loud video games, MP3 players, concerts, loud sporting events, and cell phones all these together adversely impacting the hearing of the younger generation.

Ways of prevention

If you happen to be in that category where you may be susceptible to the problem here are some ways to prevent:

  • Nutrition plays a big role

A balanced diet consisting of smaller and more frequent meals with large  amounts of complex carbohydrates, sesame seeds, fish, soybean, walnuts, eggs, lentils, black beans, lotus seeds, ginger, and cinnamon prevent hearing loss.

Intake of Carotenoids and vitamins A, vitamin C, and Vitamin E can to some extent reduce the risk of noise-induced hearing loss. However you must consult a doctor before taking these vitamin pills.

You may even consider taking Ginkgo biloba. This can help stabilize hearing loss by increasing capillary blood circulation in the ear.

Advisory for those who use cell phones over long periods of time

You must try and use high quality ear-buds and earphones.

Try to follow the 60/ 60 rule while using earphones. This means that using earphones not more than 60 minutes at a time and not higher than 60% of the maximum volume. You also must not fall asleep while you listen to music through earphones.

You must also avoid noises that are too loud, too close or last too long.

Hearing Loss due to loud noise exposure is 100% preventable. Avoid noise by blocking them through the use of earplugs or other ear protective devices (EPD’s).

In conclusion we hope that by following some of the tips mentioned above, to certain extent you would be able to prevent your hearing loss. To know more about hearing loss treatment, please visit our website.



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