What are adenoids?

4What Are Adenoids?

Adenoids are located near the back of the nose. They are above the soft palate and, if you were to look into someone’s mouth, they would not be visible. If you could see them, however, you would see that they have much in common with tonsils.

The adenoids are generally believed to help with the immune system. Unfortunately, this means that, like the tonsils, the adenoids are particularly vulnerable to becoming infected. When they do become infected, or when they are simply inflamed, they can swell.

It is that swelling that causes the problems with ear infections. Particularly in a child, the adenoids can cause an obstruction that can lead to or exacerbate middle ear infections.

When is Adenoid Removal Necessary

Why Do they Cause Problems for Children?

In a child, the adenoids are relatively larger than they are in adults and they are more active, as well. When the adenoids swell, even if there isn’t an ear infection present at the time, the child may notice the following symptoms:

  • Obstructed breathing
  • Loud snoring
  • A nasally voice
  • Persistent mouth breathing

As the adenoids swell, they tend to obstruct the breathing passageways, causing the above-mentioned problems. Another problem they cause plays a more significant role in their relationship to ear infections, however.

If you have questions about adenoidectomy, contact our local doctor, who will arrange for you see an ear nose throat surgeon.


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