Preparation Of Ear Tube Surgery!

tube-surHaving a surgical procedure done can be as intimidating for parents as it is for the children going through the procedure. This is likely the case if your child is going to be undergoing ear tube surgery. The procedure would have been recommended by your ENT specialist to provide your child with less pain and suffering due to ear infections. Here are some tips to help you get your child – and you – ready for surgery.

Focus on the benefits

If your child is very scared, remind them that the pain they have been experiencing from ear infections will be treated by the procedure. The procedure is not about the surgery; it is about the results. Let your child know that the doctors and nurses are going to really help them. Afterwards they won’t have to suffer the way they have been suffering already. It is entirely accurate to cast it in the light of having a problem fixed, as that is exactly what the surgery is going to do. Hearing loss due to ear infections are the problem – ear tubes are a means of fixing that problem.

Follow your specialist’s instructions

You will get information from your ENT specialist that lets you know how to prepare ahead of time for the surgery. It is absolutely vital that you follow these recommendations to the letter, including:

  • No food or water after the specified time.
  • Following directions regarding medications given by the physician.
  • Report any illness that occurs before the surgery.
  • Confirm your check in date and time a day before going to the hospital.
  • Make it less frightening

There are definitely ways that you can make the surgery less intimidating for your child. First, make sure to bring along a stuffed animal or a toy that makes your child feel safe. The hospital staff will make sure that the child’s toy is waiting for them when they wake up from the anaesthetic. Favourite clothing or anything else you can let the child bring along can really help to make them feel less stressed about the procedure.

Second, monitor your own stress. There will probably be at least one point where it will be impossible for you to calm yourself down. You are a parent; you love your child and a bit of fear on your part is entirely normal. Realise that this procedure is very safe.

Third, remind yourself and your child that, when it is all said and done, you both deserve a treat. That will give you and your child something to look forward to and remind you that, even if the surgery is a bit intimidating, it will be over relatively quickly and your child will have a better life because of it.

If you have questions about ear tube surgery contact your local doctor who will arrange for you see an ear nose throat surgeon.


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