How to prevent nose bleeding in Summer?

Nose Bleeding RevWith the beginning of summer season it is a common sight to see children and elders have an experience of nose bleeding. Nose bleeding occurs in summer when the tiny blood capillaries get ruptured due to hot waves or picking at the dry mucus inside the nose. Usually only one nostril will bleed.

In summer during travelling or roaming hot waves are common and the nose is the organ that intakes hot air. The sudden trickle of blood makes the individual get panicky. Can knock you out with nose bleed?? For immediate response and care contact us.

Why does nose bleeding occur?

There are a great many small blood vessels in the delicate lining of the nose. These small capillaries are easily broken. Any number of things can split some of these small vessels and cause a nose bleed.

The blood coming from the nose during a nosebleed can be a continuous stream or a small drop. It may look as if you are losing a lot of blood, but not much blood is actually lost during the typical nosebleed.

As bleeding from nose comes on unexpectedly and without warning, it can be un-comforting, nosebleeds can usually be managed easily, otherwise contact the doctor. Gently wash your nose with cold water and wipe the area dry.

How to stop bleeding from the nose?

Calmly sit down in an upright position, do not lean back in the chair. This will help to keep blood from going down the back of your throat. Breathe through your mouth.

Place your thumb and forefinger on either side of the connection of your nose and pinch the soft part of your nose firmly for 10 minutes without releasing. Apply pressure firmly enough to slow bleeding, but not so strongly as to cause pain.

You can also place a ice cubes on the bridge of your nose.

Tilt your head forward not backward.

After ten minutes, let loose the nostrils slowly and check to see if the bleeding has stopped. Avoid touching or blowing your nose. If the bleeding has not stopped, apply pressure for another 10 minute period.

 If your nose is still bleeding steadily after twenty minutes of pressure, call to Doctor for immediate response and care contact us


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